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Some of our Flavors
this is a sample flavor list ~ we make new flavors often ~ and we rotate flavors daily  
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Gelato Seasonal Fresh Sorbetto
Fresh Basil Asian Pears (Aug-Feb)
Fresh Mint & Chocolate Chips Bartlett Pears (Aug-Feb)
Cowgirl Creamery Fromage Blanc
Bosc Pears (Aug-Feb)
Bellwether Farms Ricotta & Lemon Zest
Strawberry (Mar-Oct)
Strauss Yogurt & Orange Zest
Apricot (May-Jul)
Banana, Salt & Caramel
Plum (May-Nov)
Buttermilk Cucumber
Pluot (May-Sept)
Creme Fraiche & Strawberries
Peach (May-Oct)
Honey Cardamom
Grapefruit (Sep-Apr)
Caramel Balsamic
Kiwi (Sep-Mar)
Maple & Bacon Chocolate Chips
Meyer Lemon
Vanilla (Madagascar & Tahitian)
Lemon & Fresh Mint
Drunken Earl (Earl Grey Tea & Strawberries soaked in Bourbon) Lemon Jalapeno
Dark Chocolate Chocolate
Orange Picante (Orange + Habanero Pepper infused Chocolate Chunks) Navel Orange
Semi Dark Mexican Chocolate Tangerine (Nov-Apr)
McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil Quince (Sep-Nov)
Brown Sugar Watermelon Balsamic (Jul-Oct)
Star Anise Pomegranate (Sep-Nov)
Salted Stracciatella Cantaloupe (Jul-Oct)
Horchata .
Cilantro & Salted Chocolate Chips .
Point Reyes Blue Cheese & Cranberries .
Black Peppercorn .
Black & Tan (Linden St Brewery Black Lager & Waffle Cones + Dulce de Leche) .
Tequila .
Goat Cheese .
Chocolate Cayenne Pepper .